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Essay title: Drug Abuse
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There are many reasons why people use drugs. In an overall view drugs can be classified into three different categories. The categories are, stimulants, depressants and hallucinogens. Many drugs use more than one the categories to alter physical or mental characteristics of the body. The drug industry is booming both legally and illegally. This is mainly due to a physiological problem known as addiction. Addiction can be overcome with self-discipline in many cases but more illicit drugs such as methamphetamine alter the body in a physical manner making the addiction more severe.

The addiction and usage of illegal drugs causes many problems in society. They steal from houses, cars and shops to get their next bag of drugs and while under the influence create havoc among the community resulting in senseless damage. From leading an innocent happy life she gets brought into a hellhole driven by the addition to heroin. Those who are addicted to drugs are more vulnerable to deadly diseases like AIDS or hepatitis as they are likely to take drug injection from used syringe.

So a step towards preventing diseases among the drug is exchange needle it was stated so that at least these people are saved from these deadly diseases and they can be helped to get out of this. Many people die of diseases they contract while they are addicted to drugs rather than drug itself so it is essential to fight these diseases so that people are saved from these deadly diseases otherwise they can infect others also.

If an addict is saved from these he can be brought out of drug addiction by support of family and rehabilitation but if an addict gets these diseases his life would be ended.

Addicts does not behave normally in society and neglect there families and responsibilities. They are likely to be short tempered and get in rage at small things they are likely to get in fight with others. Thus they become a menace for the society the family and society have to take their responsibilities. Drug abuse is a neurological flaw rather than a moral wrong but it is rather under a debate as many believe that a person gets to drug under a wrong company or out of problems in family.

Whatever be the cause of taking drugs it is essential to uproot this problem from the society otherwise the youth which is future will be crippled by this. In United States of America there are more drug peddlers then dentist, drug abuse must be curbed as its harm our society and our loved ones.

Drug addicts are prone to nervous disorders they are likely to encounter various health problem. If the drug abuse gets to height it is next to impossible to help people to get out of it so if you notice some abnormal behavior in your loved ones then notice them carefully so that you can catch that at early state and they can be helped to get out of it.

Why people take drugs? There are many reasons which teenagers have replied when they where asked to answer this question, some believe they take drugs to feel good the sensational feeling they get when they take is of intense pleasure.

Some people take drugs to get relieve of tension and social anxiety they feel. Examples include Heroin and Morphine. People experiment with drugs for several reasons. Some use it to improve their athletic performance; others to ease problems such as depression or stress while other use drugs simply because their friends are using the drugs.

Governments in many countries have established ministries to tackle the issue of substance abuse. For instance, in India, there is the Ministry of Health that deals with the treatment of substance addicts, and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting that uses the government media for the advertisement of the cons of drug abuse.

The government also plays a significant role in financially assisting non-governmental organizations and other voluntary organizations involved in the fight against drug abuse.

Several acts of parliament have also been established to curb the menace posed by the misuse of drugs and appropriate punishment given to those involved. In conclusion, although substance abuse has become a major problem in the society, concrete steps should be taken to weaken the hold on drugs. The effects of substance abuse are disastrous and cannot be ignored.


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A research paper regarding matters about drug addiction and abuse.

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